Here are the most frequent questions from our customers. We preferred to answer here to simplify the whole process. Select one of the above questions to find out it’s answer.


It depends on the quantity, the total order value and frequency of your orders and the types of services offered to you.
As a guideline, they generally range from 8-10% of the order value.

The total cost is made of: the product cost from original invoice (we negotiate for your best possible price depending on quantity ordered), the sea freight fee requested number of containers (also depends on the volume, weight time of order placement).
Once the goods arrive at the destination coountry customs, VAT and customs duty fees are added which depends on the imported goods.
0.4% of value insurance fee is also added.

While a minimum order of US $10,000 is indicated, a minimum US $300 fee is required for a transaction. This also depends on the frequency of your orders.
As your order value and frequency gets higher, we can negotiate a better price for you from the supplier and our fee becomes lower.

Yes, once contact with a supplier is established, it is contractually required both with you as a client and also with the supplier, that all the subsequent orders to be carried out by us.